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Random Acts of Kindness Week

random acts of kindness week

 "RAOK" Week at FLMS

RAOK Week at the Freetown Lakeville Middle School

Life isn’t always easy and on days when the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders, it’s important to focus on the positive aspects of life. There is no better example of the goodness that can be found than random acts of kindness performed by complete strangers. Strangers, who have no reason to help, other than being kindhearted individuals, can truly restore your faith in humanity.

This concept was a realization made four years ago by Freetown-Lakeville Middle School teacher, Mr. E. For no rhyme or reason, Mr. E decided to be a light in a sometimes dark world, and he has been shining ever since.

I decided to start doing Random Acts of Kindness out of the blue. I'm not sure what really got over me, but I was just trying to promote good and kindness because we just hear so much negativity everywhere we go from the news to online to people talking. I wanted to be a promoter of spreading kindness and show these kids [students] that the world doesn't have to be this big horrible scary place.”

Since 2014, Mr. E has participated in “Random Acts of Kindness Week” where he has volunteered at non-profit organizations, donated to TOYS4TOTS, and brought goodies to neighbors, friends, and hospital workers. He had even set up a fundraiser and raised $400.00 for a boy in Australia who handmade teddy bears for sick children in hospitals as a way to cheer them up.

The countless efforts made by Mr. E have since inspired those around him to actively become involved in their own communities. It has become a tradition within his sixth grade classroom to partake in “Random Acts of Kindness Week”. Despite offering no extra credit or prizes for participation, each year there has been an overwhelming response with one student even donating all of her birthday money to create supply bags for homeless shelters.

Mr. E’s sixth grade class has even been recognized by the Ellen DeGeneres Show. While they never appeared on stage with Ellen, they were contacted by the show to gather more information about Mr. E’s Random Acts of Kindness challenge.

So why do it? What’s the take away? For Mr. E and his class, “It’s just the feeling you get whenever you do something. People are so grateful and appreciative. Sometimes it's better to help someone in need of something than to spoil yourself.”

Participating in “Random Acts of Kindness Week” is just a small example that shows how everyone – regardless of how much money or time they have – can make a significant impact on the lives of others and help make the world a better place.


Mr. E and his 6th grade class standing below their "RAOK" posters

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