Bridgewater Credit Union, a Division of Merrimack Valley Credit Union

Merrimack Valley Credit Union Merger

Proposed Merger with Merrimack Valley Credit Union

Introducing Bridgewater Credit Union, a Division of Merrimack Valley Credit Union

On February 1, 2019, Merrimack Valley Credit Union (MVCU) and Bridgewater Credit Union (BCU) will become one big family.  Legally, our name will be Bridgewater Credit Union, a Division of Merrimack Valley Credit Union – this change will be reflected on all of our communications in the future. 

When the merger was announced, we made a commitment to the members of both credit unions to put members first as we determine how we will move forward as a combined credit union.  We’re pleased to say that going forward, Bridgewater Credit Union members will enjoy lower fees, better rates, more convenience and choices while continuing to be served by the same friendly faces you’re used to. 

What’s happening?

  1. We’ve aligned our rates with MVCU. As a result, the rate for the Statement Savings, Bridge Account, Passbook Savings, and Club accounts will go up to 0.25% APY on February 1st. This rate applies to all balances for the Bridge Account. For new deposit and loan accounts opened on or after February 1st, the rates will be more favorable to members as we adopt MVCU’s rates. If you already have a certificate account, loan, or mortgage, your rate will not change. See our current rates: Deposit Rates | Consumer Rates | Mortgage Rates
  2. Some fees will be eliminated or reduced to match MVCU’s fees. For example, there will no longer be a fee for Preauthorized Overdraft Transfer, Check Collection, or Foreign ATM Deposit.  There is no increase in fees. Click here to see the new fee schedule.
  3. Since it is more beneficial for our members, we have updated our Funds Availability policy for checks to match MVCU’s. Now if the check you are depositing requires a hold, $500 will be made available immediately instead of $200 available the next day.
  4. We have updated the format of our Privacy disclosure to clearly explain how we handle your information and have increased our ATM and debit card transaction limits in our Electronic Fund Transfer disclosure. You can see the updates by visiting our Disclosures page.

You can count on:

  1. There will be no branch closures as a result of the merger. As of February 1st, Bridgewater Credit Union members can even do transactions at Merrimack Valley Credit Union branches.
  2. The staff that you know and trust will remain the same. There will be no layoffs as a result of this merger....period.

As always, we promise to communicate any updates and news as soon as it is available. Stay tuned...there are many more benefits to come as we integrate systems.

Click here to learn more about Merrimack Valley Credit Union.  Stop by this page frequently it is your one stop for information about the merger and your new member benefits.

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