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Use of VISA Cards in Foreign Countries


Use of Debit/Check Cards/VISA Credit Cards in Foreign Countries

In order to better protect our members from certain types of fraud, Bridgewater Credit Union, A Division of Merrimack Valley Credit Union is blocking all foreign countries from processing transactions. Both PIN and signature debit transactions will be blocked for our Check (debit) Cards. Our VISA cards will be blocked for purchase and cash advance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Given the high incidence of fraud associated with transactions processed in other countries, we believe increased security and protection is necessary to protect our members.

Please remember, purchases processed from companies located in a foreign country will also be blocked. For example: If you purchase an item from your home computer from a supplier located or processing in a foreign country, you will need to notify the Credit Union 48 hours in advance of the purchase.

You do not need to call if traveling domestically. 

To avoid interruption in debit card service or credit cards issued prior to April 1, 2015, please contact Bridgewater Credit Union, A Division of Merrimack Valley Credit Union at 1.800.897.0343 48 hours prior to a foreign purchase or foreign travel. Your information will be entered into our Travel Notification System. Once entered, you will be able to use your card based on the locations you have provided to us. Also, remember to notify Bridgewater Credit Union, A Division of Merrimack Valley Credit Union if your travel plans change. To avoid interruption in credit cards issued after April 1, 2015, please contact:

Consumer Card Customer Service: 1.800.558.3424/ TDD# 1.888.352.6455

Signature Card Customer Service: 1.866.234.4691/ TDD# 1.888.352.6455

Business Card Customer Service: 1.866.552.8855/ TDD# 1.888.352.6455

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