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Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit is an online banking service that allows eligible members to deposit checks online or using the BCU Mobile Banking App up to a cumulative total of $5,000 per day, which is then deposited into your checking or savings account. You must be a BCU Online user. Check holds apply.

There are two ways to use BCU Remote Deposit:

  • Download the BCU Mobile App for iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphones.
  • A printer with a scanner attached to your PC.

To Use Remote Deposit the First Time

(In order to use Remote Deposit your account must be open at least 30 days, the account must be in good standing, there must be no delinquent loans, and there must be a positive balance in all deposit accounts.)

  1. Log onto BCU Online Banking.
  2. From BCU Online, move your mouse to the "Additional Services" tab on the blue toolbar. Select "Products and Services".
  3. Select any account from the drop-down menu then click on "Submit."
  4. Read the Remote Deposit User Agreement then click "I Agree". (To view a copy of the User Agreement Click Here.)

    Once you apply for Remote Deposit, you will receive a response concerning your enrollment via e-mail within two business days. Once you receive approval, you may begin using Remote Deposit by the same access as described above or by logging into your BCU Mobile Banking App.

  5. Endorse the back of the check(s) as follows:
    1. The words "For deposit only to BCU Account/Suffix #______ via remote deposit"
    2. The current date (mm/dd/yyyy)
    3. Payee's (Member) signature
  6. Log into the BCU mobile app and select "Remote Deposit" or on your computer select the scanner (the first time you use the service you will be prompted to install a scanner control, you will only need to do this once)
  7. Enter the total deposit amount of your checks
  8. Scan the front and back of your check(s)
  9. Review and submit your deposit.

Remote Deposit Frequently Asked Questions

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