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Student Loans

Student Loans

We make paying for an education easy.

As tuition prices increase, it becomes harder to fill the gap between what federal funding covers and the actual cost of education. Our private student loans can help fill the gap.

Student Choice Loans:

  • Convenient line-of-credit that helps you secure financing for your entire college career
  • Option to defer payment while you are enrolled in school
  • Flexible repayment options
  • No origination fees and low interest
  • EASY online application and 24/7 call center services
  • Are granted and held by your local not-for-profit credit union–a lender relationship you can trust


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What does this mean?

  • Private loans are held in the name of the student, and may require a co-signer. They are issued by private lenders and are not guaranteed or subsidized by the government. Instead, the interest rate is based on the student's credit and/or the credit of any co-signers they have on the loan. Private loans should be used when all federal funding options have been exhausted.
  • This loan can help cover tuition, fees, books, room and board, and other related expenses.
  • This loan has NO origination fees. An origination fee is a payment associated with establishing an account with an organization.
  • We can offer lower interest rates because Bridgewater Credit Union is not for profit, so we put the best interests of our members first.

More information about Student Choice Loans.

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